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Broken Pressure Washer Replacement Parts

by Wayne

All pressure washers are built to do the toughest of tasks, but sometimes things break. Broken pressure washers can cost thousands of dollars to fix and get them back running. Even then, there is no guarantee that fixing them will be a permanent solution, you can however resolve to replacing these parts for an average period’s solution.

For instance, whether it’s fixing up a broken generac washer or building a new one from scratch, you need to beware of what generac pressure washer part is replaceable, and which one is not.

A broken pressure washer is not only an inconvenience but also an expensive problem. The good news is that most of the parts that can break are fairly affordable and easy to replace.

Below are some common replaceable parts and how they work:

Pressure Washer Pump

The pump is what generates pressure inside the hose so that it can be used to clean dirt off surfaces and objects. When the pump breaks down, it will not be able to create pressure anymore, which means that it will not be able to clean anything anymore. It’s possible for a broken pump to cause other problems as well, such as flooding out other parts or causing injuries due to high-pressure water shooting everywhere.


The hose is the most vulnerable part of your pressure washer as it is often exposed to heat and cold as well as abrasive materials and chemicals. The hose can be made from plastic or rubber, but most are made from plastic because it is lighter in weight and cheaper to produce than rubber. A hose that is made from flexible plastic will last longer than one made from rigid plastic because it does not crack or break as easily. Rigid plastic hoses tend to crack when they get old or when they are exposed to heat or cold for long periods.


Nozzles are usually made from metal, but some are also made from plastic. Metal nozzles last longer than those made from plastic because they do not corrode like plastic ones do when they come into contact with water, soap and detergents on a regular basis. Plastic nozzles also tend to wear out faster than metal ones because they cannot withstand heat as well as metal ones can.

What to Do with Old Broken Pressure Washers

If you love to find ways to reuse old items, you do know there’s nothing more satisfying than finding a new use for something that would otherwise end up in the landfill.

Sell it on Craigslist or eBay

If your pressure washer is still in working order, but just needs a few repairs, there may be someone out there who would love to have it for cheap. Check out Craigslist for buyers near you and put up an ad on eBay as well. Put some pictures up and let people know what’s wrong with it and how much you’re selling it for. You could even include a list of all of the parts that are still good (if any). This way they can see if they can fix it themselves or if they need to buy new parts first.

Use it as a sander

You can turn your old pressure washer into a floor sander by attaching a sanding pad to the end of its wand and using it like an angle grinder. You’ll need to take off the spray tip and replace it with an attachment that allows you to attach sandpaper instead. You can then use it to remove paint or finish from floors or other surfaces.


If you have a broken power washer then there is a general rule of thumb to help you determine what you can do with it. Usually, if a pressure washer doesn’t run or if the motor is shot, there are many types of people who can make use of it.

If you are tired of repairing it, the best way to save money and the environment is to keep your old pressure washer from being thrown into the trash. Most pressure washers of a certain age will not be able to be recycled, since they are generally made with PVC that cannot be melted down and reformed. Instead of taking up space in your garage or basement, try to sell it and acquire a newer model. When ready to get new machines, feel free to check out giraffe tools and collections.

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