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Tried & Tested Ways to Buy FIFA 23 Coins Safe from Bans

by Wayne

FIFA 23 is the latest version of the game, which is becoming increasingly popular. The FIFA 23 coins are a very important part of the game, so if you want to play, then you must have a good amount of FIFA 23 coins.

There are many different ways that you can buy FIFA 23 coins, but they all come with some kind of risk involved. Apart from risking getting banned, some fraudsters can also claim to be selling FIFA 23 coins at a cheap price and then take your money, but never send the items. This means that it’s important for you to know how to spot these people and avoid them.

Here are some tried & tested ways that you can safely buy FIFA 23 Coins from iGV:

Ensure You are Not Using an Entirely New Account

Some people try out a new account when buying FIFA coins because they don’t want their main profile to get banned by EA Sports. You should know that this is not a good idea because it can still get your main profile banned even if you keep it separate from your new one. If you want to use a different account for buying FIFA 23 coins but don’t want to risk ban, ensure the account you are buying the coins for has played over 50 games.

Deactivate the Login Verification

Login Verification is a security feature that was introduced to prevent hackers from accessing your account using stolen login details from another account. However, this feature also prevents legitimate sellers from accessing your account when they need to deliver your purchase. So, if you want to buy FIFA 23 Coins from an unverified seller then it is recommended that you turn off Login Verification before starting the transaction so that they can access your account without any problems. You will be able to turn it back on once the coins have been successfully delivered to your account.

Don’t Login to Your Account Until You are Notified of a Successful Delivery

The first thing you should do when buying FIFA coins is not login to your account until you’ve received all the coins you’ve paid for. The seller will definitely inform you through a message on their website of a successful delivery. So, until then, do not log in the account, to avoid dual logins that may trigger EA’s monitoring system.

Use the Funds Immediately Once Credited to Your Account

It is important that you use these funds immediately after they have been credited to your account. The reason behind this is that it prevents any sort of coin wipe from happening which has been happening for quite some time. If you use the money immediately after it has been credited to your account, then there will be no chance for any kind of coin wipe whatsoever. This is one way in which you can make sure that your money does not get wiped out by EA Sports.

Avoid Purchasing Coins from Unverified Sellers

It is not just about avoiding fraud but also about avoiding coin wipe by EA Sports that affects unverified sellers in particular due to their lack of security measures and poor customer service record which means that their accounts can be suspended by EA Sports without any notice whatsoever.


If you want to buy FIFA Coins, choose a legit site. Your account will be 100% secure. Of course, you need coins to get things in the game and keep playing it, so you have no choice but to buy them. The key here is to choose a safe place to buy FIFA Coins with fast delivery! Please note that the most important thing is your account’s security. You do not want to lose buying coins because of the account being banned by EA for your actions! If you are looking for a trusted site, follow every instruction above to guide you accordingly.

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