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What are the characteristics of pergola parts?

by Wayne

People like to extend their house area by adding a pergola; this adds to the beauty of the house. Pergolas are always eye-catching and attractive. The pergola parts are made of strong material, i.e., steel, PVC, fibreglass or aluminum. These parts give strength and support to the whole framework and also provide shade. The following are significant parts of a pergola;

  • Vertical pergola columns for freestanding pergolas.
  • The open-air shaded structure is formed by adding beams and rafters over vertical pergola columns.
  • Concrete footing provides a base to columns attached by basic hardware, i.e. screws and brackets.
  • Supporting beam in the form of a ledger board of the same height as a pergola.

Special features:

Pergolas are made of solid material and have unique features necessary for their configuration. The parts used to make pergolas are water, rodent and corrosion-resistant. So heavy rains or storms may not affect the quality of the component used in the pergola frame. This makes the structure durable, sturdy and sustainable.

You should not try to install the pergola by yourself; this may be a risky task. Professionals precisely install pergola parts and assemble them to complete the structure. The assembly and installation are easy and do not take long hours. The pergola parts are eco-friendly and cause no harm to the environment.


Pergolas are of different types, and so are their parts. Some varieties are discussed below;

  • Classical and traditional pergola parts made of wood with unique designs
  • Modern and luxurious shady pergolas made of premium-quality metals
  • Aluminum powder-coated pergola parts
  • Glass or metal frames for making sliding pergolas

Is investing in pergolas worth it?

Pergolas add to the value of your house and property. The front part of the house is the main attracting feature to the buyers. So investing in pergolas may prove an asset to you. You can derive future economic benefits at the time of the sale of your house. Pergola parts are expensive and may range between 2200-4000 dollars.

Can you replace the pergola parts?

Pergola parts are exceptionally durable, and you don’t need to change them for a long time. Sometimes, the components may become damaged due to uncertain conditions, i.e. falling off a tree or its branches over the frame. So you can replace the parts easily by ordering new ones from online markets.

Different styles are available in the market; for example, sliding pergolas have recently gained much attention. These pergolas have a glass roof and a metal framework; you can slide the glass with the help of a remote control. You can bask in the sun in winter and enjoy the weather by sitting in such pergolas. These pergola parts are more sensitive and require proper maintenance.


It is necessary to clean your pergolas to maintain the classy look and to increase the life expectancy of its parts. For this purpose, you should rinse it thoroughly once in a while, trim vines and foliage check for any repair work. Moreover, you should seal the pergola parts to avoid any damage.

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